2011 Alaska Fire Science Workshop

The 2011 Alaska Fire Science Workshop will be October 6-7 at the  BLM – Alaska Fire Service office on Fort Wainwright, AK.  This year’s workshop will cover topics ranging from new fire behavior modeling tools, to effects of changing fire regimes, to communicating fire science through art.

Download the Agenda

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2011 Workshop Schedule

October 6, 2011 (1:00-4:30 pm)

1:00-1:10        Welcome & Introductions

1:10-1:20        Consortium Activities & News

1:20-2:20       The Probabilistic Fire Analysis System (PFAS): A Canadian Decision Support Tool

2:20-2:35       BREAK

2:35-3:20       Canadian Fire Research Program Organization, Projects, and Future Collaboration

3:20-3:35       BREAK

3:35-3:50      Compling and Analyzing Boreal Fire History Data: The Completed Project

3:50-4:05     Effects of Shortened Fire Return Intervals in Denali and Yukon-Charley: Preliminary Results

4:05-4:20      Workshop Wrap Up & Evalution

4:20-4:30     Information Poster Session – Bring a poster (or posters) from your latest projects! Check them out during breaks and immediately following the workshop wrap up.

October 7, 2011 (8:30 am – noon)

8:30-8:35          Welcome & Announcements

8:35-8:45           JFSP National Consortium Evaluation Project

8:45-9:25           New Project: Identifying Indicators of State Change and Forecasting Future Vulnerability in Alaska Boreal Ecosystems

9:25-9:40           BREAK

9:40-10:20        Interactions among Fire, Climate, and Vegetation in Alaska: Implications for Forecasting (Remote Presentation)   Forecasting Tool

10:20-10:50     Impacts of a Changing Tundra Fire Regime on Caribou and Moose

10:50-11:05     BREAK

11:05-11:20      Preliminary Findings from Monitoring Aspen Burns

11:20-11:50      In a Time of Change: The Art of Fire

11:50-12:00     Workshop Wrap Up & Evaluation

Questions?  Contact Jennifer Northway at jennifer.northway@alaska.edu.

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