November 2011 Fire Science Publications

Can’t seem to stay up to date?  Let us do some of the work. 

We’ve put together a bibliography of November’s (plus or minus a few weeks) new fire science publications related to Alaska and the boreal forest.  Download a simple bibliography or an annotated version, both in a pdf format including URLs for each reference.  Just want the highlights? We showcased a few of our “Top Picks” below. 

November 2011 Fire Publications – Bibliography (pdf)

November 2011 Fire Publications – Annotated Bibliography (pdf)

Our “Top Picks”

Werth, Paul A.; Potter, Brian E.; Clements, Craig B.; Finney, Mark A.; Goodrick, Scott L.; Alexander, Martin E.; Cruz, Miguel G.; Forthofer, Jason A.; McAllister, Sara S. 2011. Synthesis of knowledge of extreme fire behavior: volume I for fire managers. Gen. Tech. Rep. PNW-GTR-854. Portland, OR: U.S. Department of Agriculture, Forest Service, Pacific Northwest Research Station. 144 p.





 Wolken, J. M., T. N. Hollingsworth, et al. (2011). “Evidence and implications of recent and projected climate change in Alaska’s forest ecosystems.” Ecosphere 2(11): art124.







Waddington, J. M., D. K. Thompson, et al. (2011). Examining the utility of the Canadian Forest Fire Weather Index System in boreal peatlands.” Canadian Journal of Forest Research: 47-58.







Kasischke, E. S. and E. E. Hoy (2011). “Controls on carbon consumption during Alaskan wildland fires.” Global Change Biology: n/a-n/a.

Prefer to receive references in another format?  Contact US!

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