PNW Ecotone: New podcast series highlights research in AK, OR and WA

The USFS Pacific Northwest Research Station has recently launched the new “PNW Ecotone” podcast series.  These podcasts will cover the latest science findings, tools, and research topics from the 11 PNW laboratories and centers located in Alaska, Oregon and Washington.

Podcast episodes are available for download or streaming, along with photos, related articles, and transcripts at:

Episode 1—Scarred for Life: What Tree Rings Can Reveal About Fire History

May 2012—To anticipate how a changing climate might impact future forest fires, scientists need to understand the past. But how can you tell the frequency and severity of wildfires that occurred hundreds—or, even, thousands—of years ago? Part of the answer lies in tree rings (6:09).

Listen (mp3, 5.9 MB)

Images from PNW Ecotone (


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