Did you miss this December Webinar? Video of “What is live fuel moisture: a new look at the combustion of living plants” is available for viewing!

Matt Jolly, PhD, from the USFS Fire, Fuel and Smoke Science Program, Missoula Fire Sciences Laboratory presented the webinar on December 20th.  You can watch it on YouTube thanks to the Great Lakes Region Fire Consortium  at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dAEYk2pEdJM

Live fuel moisture is measured frequently throughout the country as an indicator of potential fire behavior but little is known about the primary factors that drive their seasonal variations. Dr. Matt Jolly delves into the interactive factors that control live fuel moisture and discusses some of the potential implications of these factors on seasonal variations in the fire potential of living plants. He shows how the interactions between the water content of the foliage and seasonal changes in the leaf’s dry weight combine to influence calculated live fuel moisture and ultimately, its flammability.

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