Participate in JFSP Fuel Treatment Science Plan Survey

Your input is requested on fuel treatment research.

The Joint Fire Science Program (JFSP) has undertaken a broad scope project to determine important research needs related to fuel treatment and develop a Fuel Treatment Science Plan. This plan will affect the policy, research, and management aspects of the fuel treatment program. It will have implications across local, regional, national, and interagency planning scales; across the range of short-intermediate, and long-term temporal scales; and will assist project and/or plan development across site-specific, project, unit, landscape, regional, and national level spatial scales. Specifically, this plan will outline future relevant fuel treatment research topics for JFSP consideration.
In order to fully address this topic, it is necessary to identify sources and conduct thorough information gathering. As part of this effort, contact with program leaders, stakeholders, project managers, and practitioners is critically important. This questionnaire has been developed to help obtain feedback and input. It consists of questions in the areas of fuel treatment importance, barriers and impediments to implementation, tools and guidance information, and areas of future research focus.
You are receiving this questionnaire because your input is valued and needed. Due to governmental rules and procedures, the initial questionnaire could only be distributed to federal employees and entities. This questionnaire is being distributed through the Northern Rockies Fire Science Network and The University of Montana to permit the widest distribution across all non-federal agencies, organizations, and individuals interested in fuel treatment. Please feel free to distribute this invitation and link to other individuals that have a role, interest, and involvement with fuel treatment activities.
The following link provides access to the non-federal questionnaire. We would ask you to complete the questionnaire before January 31, 2014 to facilitate analysis of the results.
In the event any federal employees receive this message and are interested in completing the questionnaire, please use the following link to access the federal version and do not use the above listed link:  
Please don’t hesitate to email us with questions or comments [put “Fuel Treatment Science Plan” in the subject line].  We thank you for your interest and support for this project.
Vita Wright
Northern Rockies Fire Science Network
Tom Zimmerman

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