Joint Fire Science Program – 2012 Funding Announcements Now Open!

The JFSP has just released their 2012 Request for Applications (RFAs). 

The following information had been provided by Joint Fire Science Program:

There are 5 different funding announcements for 2012.

Open:       September 27, 2011
Close:      November 18, 2011  5:00 PM Mountain Standard Time

All proposal’s will be submitted online at the Joint Fire Science Program website:  To see application requirements and templates, go to Funding Announcements.  To start a proposal click on Register/Login.

To submit a proposal you must first request a profile and password to
access the submission database.

New for 2012:

  • Data management plans are required for some RFAs. Please see SECTION IV Application and submission information in the appropriate RFA for further
  • Webinars are scheduled to explain the Data Management Plans. Webinar and conference call access number (866) 904-5334, passcode: 2762031. If you are submitting a proposal in a RFA that requires a Data Management Plan, JFSP highly recommends you attend one of these webinars:
  1. Wednesday October 12, 2011 at 1300 MDT
  2. Thursday October 27, 2011 at 1200 MDT
  3. Tuesday November 8, 2011 at 1100 MDT
  4. Monday November 14, 2011 at 1000 MDT
  • The Joint Fire Science Program has changed the way we support conferences, workshops, and symposia! If you wish JFSP to support these activities, you must submit a proposal (see RFA 5).

Primary Announcement (No. FA-FRA012-0001)  (CFDA No. 15.232)
Task 1: Remeasurement of Prior Studies – Effects of Prescribed Fire on Vegetation, Fuels, and Soil.
Task 2: Non-Forest and Understory Fuels Growth, Response and Succession.
Task 3: Fuel Treatment Effectiveness.
Task 4: Cultural Resources and Fire.
Task 5: Verification of Fire Weather Forecasts.
Task 6: Compatibility of Fuels and Fire Management with Conservation of Threatened and Endangered Fish and Wildlife Species.
Task 7: Assessment of Fire Emission Inventory Tools.
Task 8: Assessment of Prescribed Fire Contributions to PM2.5 and PM10 Standards.

New Science Initiative – Fire Social Sciences (No. FA-RFA012-0002) (CFDA No. 15.232)

The Joint Fire Science Program (JFSP) is interested in sponsoring projects that stimulate and support activities that lead to or advance innovative ideas in fire social sciences. JFSP is  particularly interested in collaborative projects with international partners, partnerships with scientists and institutions in closely allied fields that have not been heavily involved in fire research (e.g., natural hazards and disaster research), and innovative activities examining coupled human and natural systems.

The goal is to push the frontiers of knowledge and understanding and to generate new ideas and concepts. The types of activities appropriate to this task statement are broad, and could include:

  • Articulation of new concepts or frameworks
  • A synthesis of information to generate new hypotheses
  • Field activities involving diverse scientists, policy-makers, managers, and citizens
  •  Development of an experimental design to test an innovative hypothesis

Proposals should demonstrate how the proposed activities will advance innovative thinking. There is no requirement to demonstrate immediate relevance to land managers. The only required deliverables are a final report and at least one peer-reviewed, journal-ready manuscript.  No more than one proposal responding to this task statement will be accepted from any scientist, either as a principal investigator or as a co-principal investigator.

Graduate Research Innovation Award (No. FA-RFA012-0003)

In partnership with the Association for Fire Ecology, the Joint Fire Science Program (JFSP) invites current MS and PhD graduate students in the fields of wildland fire and related human dimensions and ecological sciences to apply for a Graduate Research Innovation (GRIN) award. JFSP recognizes that graduate students of today are the managers, scientists, and leaders of tomorrow. These awards allow graduate students to conduct research that will supplement and enhance the quality, scope, or applicability of their thesis or dissertation, and to build skills needed for independent inquiry.

Proposals must describe new, unfunded work that extends ongoing or planned research that is the subject of a thesis or dissertation that has been approved by the graduate student’s advisory committee.

Proposals must be directly related to the mission and goals of JFSP to be considered. Applicants are encouraged to search the JFSP website ( to learn more about the scope of JFSP activities. Proposals must directly address one of the following topics:

  • Climate change and fire (e.g., fire behavior, fire effects, fire regime)
  • Fuel management effectiveness and effects (e.g., treatment longevity, T&E or invasive species, carbon balance, pile burning, mastication treatments, WUI issues)
  • Smoke or emissions assessments
  • Social issues and fire (e.g., community preparation, transfer and use of science, public perceptions)

Proposals on other topics will not be reviewed.

Data Archival (No. FA-RFA012-0004)

The Joint Fire Science Program (JFSP) invites proposals for new or  supplemental funds to document and submit datasets created from completed  or ongoing JFSP funded projects to an actively managed data repository.  The purpose of this activity is to make high quality datasets available to  the research community for future research.

Proposals must describe the quality assurance and control measures that  have been used to ensure a high quality dataset, and describe the types of  studies that could benefit from these data. Data and metadata submission  must be complete within one year of the data archival project start date  for completed projects, and submitted with the final report for ongoing  projects.

Investigators are required to submit a data management plan (DMP) of two  pages maximum length that describes the selected data repository, metadata  language(s) and other pertinent details (see section D additional  application requirements).

Proposals are limited to four pages and $10,000. Institutions interested  in submitting proposals that include archival of datasets from multiple  projects may exceed $10,000 with prior approval by the JFSP Program  Manager (John Cissel,

Conference Support (No. FA-RFA012-00005)

The Joint Fire Science Program (JFSP) invites proposals for co-sponsorship of regional, national, or international conferences. Proposals must identify how the planned conference will  support the JFSP mission. Proposals are limited to $10,000 for regional conferences, and $15,000 for national or international conferences. Conferences must be scheduled within two years of the RFA closing date.   Investigators should note that the total pool of funds for JFSP conference support is tightly limited. Proposals that show a substantial commitment of funds from other partners will be favored.

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