Alaska LANDFIRE Calibration Workshop

The Alaska LANDFIRE Calibration Workshop will be held in Fairbanks, Alaska on November7-10, 2011.

View the full Calibration Workshop Announcement.

This workshop is dedicated to evaluating the 2008 LANDFIRE Refresh data related to fire behavior fuel models across all of Alaska. Fuel layer maps and rule sets specific to the 13/40 and Canadian Fuel Models will be reviewed by map zone.  This is your opportunity to provide feedback and make this a better product for Alaska!

Who should attend?

Desired participants for these workshops are agency (state, local and federal), tribal, and private employees with an integrated knowledge of vegetation types and their relationships to fuels, fuel modeling systems, and fire behavior.

Workshop Schedule

Remote Access

The workshop will also be hosted via webinar though in-person participation is encouraged.

Webinar Registration

Day 1 (Nov 7):

Day 2 (Nov 8):

Day 3 (Nov 9):

Day 4 (Nov 10):

More information: Alaska LANDFIRE Calibration Workshop Announcement

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