2011 Alaska Fire Science Workshop Podcasts Now Available!

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Watch these podcasts from the 2011 Alaska Fire Science Workshop!

Fire Growth Modeling at Multiple Scales (by Kerry Anderson and Dan Perrakis)

Canadian Fire Science Projects and Tools (by Kerry Anderson and Dan Perrakis)

Compiling and Analyzing Boreal Fire History Data (by Diana Olson)

Effects of Shortened Fire Return Intervals in Alaska Boreal Forest (By Jennifer Barnes)

Identifying Indicators of State Change and Forecasting Future Vulnerability in Alaska Boreal Ecosystems (By David McGuire)

Early Season Forecasting of Fire Activity in Alaska (by Paul Duffy)

Impacts of a Changing Tundra Fire Regime on Caribou and Moose (by Kyle Joly)

Refining Prescriptions for Ruffed Grouse Habitat Burns in Interior Alaska (by Eric Miller)

In a Time of Change: The Art of Fire (by Sarah Trainor, Mary Beth Leigh, and Jennifer Northway)

For more information on the 2011 Fire Science Workshop and presentation downloads, click HERE.

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